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Kids First focuses on the well being of Regina's children and supports their healthy and productive development from prenatal to age five.

Kids First is a province-wide initiative of Saskatchewan Education, Saskatchewan Health, Saskatchewan Intergovernmental and Aboriginal Affairs and Saskatchewan Department of Community Resources and Employment. In Regina, these departments are working in cooperation with School Divisions and Regina Health District, First Nations and Métis organizations and numerous early childhood community partners.

In April 2002, the Aboriginal Family Service Centre entered a partnership to deliver a Home Visiting Component of the Kids First Program.

Program Components:

  • Assessment
  • Prenatal Referral & Support
  • Enhanced Early Learning Child Care and Family Support Opportunities
  • Intensive Home Visiting Services
  • Universal In-Hospital Screening
  • Dedicated Mental Health and Addiction Services

Program Principles:

  • Child Centered/Family Focused
  • Emphasis on Prevention and Early intervention
  • Co-operative, Collaborative and Shared Responsibility
  • Culturally AppropriateInclusion of Aboriginal Organization
  • Strength Based and Voluntary
  • Innovative & Flexible
  • Built on Existing Services
  • Comprehensive

Services and Program:

  • Are culturally relevant
  • Sustain a holistic approach
  • Recognize and support extended families
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Facilitate healing, emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally

Six Home Visitors Provide the Following:

  • Assist prenatal and postnatal families in a variety of areas
  • In home visits help to relieve stress of caring for a new baby
  • Share ways to care for baby through information, hands on experiences and curriculum materials
  • A voluntary service – no cost to families
  • Provide/arrange goal oriented transportation
  • Strengths within the family are identified and built on to play a significant role in baby's life