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The Coming Together Growing Together Program is a voluntary, community based service providing guidance and support to children and families. The program will have a special focus on improving the communication and relationship between parent and child and help the parents more effectively manage their child's behavior.

Service and Program Components:

  • Client Centered
  • Respectful of Aboriginal Culture and families
  • Approach based on SCEP established methods of communication and interacting with young children
  • Uses proactive measures such as prevention not punishment
  • Open and continuing communication and planning between the two program workers from each agency
  • The intervention will range from 1 - 9 months depending on the needs of the child and family

The Specialized Intensive In-Home Workers will provide the following:

  • Comprehensive case planning designed to meet individuals needs of the child and family
  • A variety of individual, group, and family approaches matched to meet the needs of the child and family
  • Case management and therapeutic support and advocacy for the child's success in the home, school and in the community
  • Opportunities for child achievement and decision making
  • Plan to reduce crisis and increase safety for the child and family

The Coming Together Growing Together Program is a partnership between SCEP Centre Early Intervention and Training Services (SCEP), Aboriginal Family Service Centre (AFSC) and the Ministry of Social Services (MSS) to provide services designed to address child behavior challenges with family participation. The services include in-home visiting, in-class session and group and family counseling; referred to the program by MSS.